Learning Management System

For a Better Learning Experience

Built in Laravel Framework (php 8.1)

Our Key Features

This learning management system is a comprehensive solution designed to simplify administration,
improve communication, and enhance the overall educational experience.

Admin Dashboard

Enjoy seamless user flow with an advanced admin panel, designed to simplify navigation and optimize the user experience. Get valuable insights from advanced data analysis and reports.

There are a variety of reporting options available through our admin panel, including custom accounting, financial management, tax management, advance reports, and payouts.

Manage and view all teaching and non teaching staff, parents, students, roles, rececnt activites and much more

Class Scheduling System

Our class scheduling system allows admins to easily create recurring classes based on the availability of teachers. The system uses a calendar to display all of the created classes, making it easy for admins to see what classes are happening when.

In addition to creating and displaying classes, admins can also edit or delete classes that have already been created. This allows for flexibility and the ability to make changes as needed.

Overall, our class scheduling system is a powerful tool for managing classes and ensuring that they run smoothly.

LMS Panels

This LMS is all in one solution for educational institute with different types of users



Manage day to day activities with all features



Manage all activities.Almost all Features



Manage classes of allocated Students and much more.



Collabrate with Teacher to take classes, get all academic updates.

Technologies Used

Laravel Framework


Bootstrap 5






Core Features

Admin DashBoard

  • DashBoard
  • Employee's Management
  • Parent's Management
  • Academic
  • Accounts
  • Attendance
  • Reports
  • Fee's Manage
  • Notifications
  • Tasks Management
  • Advanced Scheduling System
  • Search Schedule
  • User Roles and Management

Manager DashBoard

  • DashBoard
  • Teacher Info
  • Parent Info
  • Academic
  • Accounts
  • Attendance
  • Reports
  • Staff Manage
  • Notifications
  • Tasks
  • Scheduling

Teacher DashBoard

  • DashBoard
  • Scheduled Classes
  • Student list
  • Academic
  • Leave Application
  • Salary Details

Parent DashBoard

  • DashBoard
  • List of Clidrens
  • Complaints
  • Invoice
  • Scheduled Classes
  • Class History
  • Refer a Friend